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19 Dec

Be Prepared: Holiday Fire Safety at Home

Four Fire Hazards and Tips to Avoid Them* Picture your perfect holiday. Perhaps you hear family members laugh while the fireplace crackles in the background. Or you enjoy your favorite holiday meal surrounded by friends and the glow of candlelight in your carefully decorated dining room. With all the holiday buildup, you might not be thinking about fire safety. But you can help preserve these peaceful memories by doing a little preparation. Nearly 156,000 fires occur during the winter holiday season, causing 630 deaths, 2,600 injuries, and approximately $936 million in property damage, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. "These are tragic losses...

21 Apr

Keeping Your Home Protected

Ten Tips to Discourage Theft Deter burglars, protect your home and family from theft with these easy to follow tips. Lighting – keep the outside of your home well lit at night. Consider outdoor motion-sensor lights around the home’s exterior. Set timers to control interior lights to turn lights on and off when you are away. There are also a variety of light plugs that can be controlled via smartphone. Check your local hardware or home improvement store. Always keep doors and windows locked. Keep garage doors closed. A would-be thief can easily “take inventory” in an open garage. Do NOT...

21 Jul

Guessing On Property Limits Could Cost You

Are Your property limits adequate? Determining the correct property limit can be a difficult task, but it is an important consideration when evaluating your insurance program. Defining accurate limits, including the proper endorsements and structuring policies to match your needs are key to establishing an appropriate program. Here are some critical items to think about when evaluating your property coverage: * How did you reach your limit? Estimates developed using only company replacement cost calculators, loss control inspections, or appraisals could leave you underinsured when a loss occurs, or paying for additional coverage that can never be used. Onsite property visits can be...