Real Estate

Strategies for the Real Estate Market

Arthur Hall Insurance is highly regarded for its risk management and exposure analysis solutions for Real Estate Programs.  For more than 50 years, clients have trusted us to provide customized coverage on investment properties.  Whether you are a developer, property manager, commercial building owner, multifamily residential building owner, or an investment company with mixed real estate holdings, we understand your coverage needs.  As an agent and broker, we have access to the markets needed to provide the best coverage terms.

Being proactive in our risk management strategy is key for this market segment. Services we provide to our Real Estate Clients include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Control Site visits
  • Identifying high hazard exposures
  • Claims review to identify trends
  • Contractual review for vendors
  • Certificate tracking for compliance
  • Use of our on staff Claims Advocate to minimize claims expenses
  • Lender contract review

Arthur Hall Insurance has the talent and the expertise to handle all your Real Estate Insurance needs.   Please reach out to one of our advisors for a conversation.