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30 Aug

Back to School Bus Safety

Keep Kids Safe With These School Bus Safety Tips It’s that time of year again…schools are gearing up for fall and that means more traffic and school buses filled with children on the roads. Now is a good time for parents to remind children of these safety rules while at the bus stop and on the bus. At the bus stop: Arrive early – allow at least 5 – 10 minutes before scheduled pick up time. Walk do not run to the stop – hurrying can lead to careless injury. Stay on sidewalks if available – if no sidewalk, walk on the left...

2 Aug

FIG Magazine Features Tracy Sammarone

Arthur Hall Insurance believes in the power of community. We are proud of our very own Tracy Sammarone who is featured in the summer issue of Fig Magazine - West Chester for her dedicated work with West Chester's Downtown Foundation and the Up on the Roof event. Way to go Tracy! Truly Authentic! If you would like a copy of this issue of Fig, please stop by our office at 101 E. Chestnut St. West Chester, PA....

19 Jul

Ride-Sharing May Not Give You A Lift

Recently, while visiting the city with my twenty-something daughter, I dared to experience my first ride-sharing venture. Admittedly, I was a bit leery but anxious to learn what these ride-sharing companies were all about. So I let her take charge, tap into her smartphone and call up  a quick ride around town to get to our desired location. Easy! The request was accepted and we could track the vehicle on her phone. Block by block, I could see our ride’s approach, ticked down to the minute in real time. We even knew what make and model car to look for. All...

26 May

Planning for Business Continuity

Proactive Service: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Why do I need a business continuity plan?  In today’s world, a disruption in business operations could occur at any time. More importantly, it can occur to any business unit and function, whether it be a loss of a physical location from a flood or tornado to a man-made event such as a cyber-attack. Proactively planning for a suspension of operations now can save an organization time, money, and perhaps business sustainability. There are several steps involved with conducting a business continuity plan. The most important being a commitment from management to develop and...

21 Apr

Keeping Your Home Protected

Ten Tips to Discourage Theft Deter burglars, protect your home and family from theft with these easy to follow tips. Lighting – keep the outside of your home well lit at night. Consider outdoor motion-sensor lights around the home’s exterior. Set timers to control interior lights to turn lights on and off when you are away. There are also a variety of light plugs that can be controlled via smartphone. Check your local hardware or home improvement store. Always keep doors and windows locked. Keep garage doors closed. A would-be thief can easily “take inventory” in an open garage. Do NOT...

19 Apr

Pure Insurance Now Offered

PURE Insurance and Arthur Hall Insurance to Bring Highly Competitive Insurance Option to Owners of Pennsylvania and Delaware’s High-End Homes  WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA - Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE), the policyholder-owned insurer that exclusively caters to high net worth individuals and families, today announced it will begin accepting new members (policyholders) in Pennsylvania and Delaware through its relationship with Arthur Hall Insurance. PURE works with a select group of independent insurance brokers who are highly qualified at servicing the complex personal insurance needs of wealthy individuals and families. “Arthur Hall Insurance is a terrific addition to our trusted broker network,” said...

22 Feb

Protect and Care for Jewelry

Have you recently added a precious heirloom or new piece of jewelry to your collection? Whether it's old or new, be sure to protect your valuables. Jewelry Care - Protect your Jewelry from Damage Damage Prevention - Store jewelry items separately in a soft cloth. Your jeweler will often have fabric pouches for this purpose. Do not twist or bend semi-rigid chains as this can cause permanent damage. • Watch Care - Replace scratched or broken crystals. Even hairline cracks can allow dust and moisture into the mechanism threatening its accuracy. Check clasps periodically. • Diamond Care - Use mild detergent or a sudsy...

9 Feb

Workers’ Compensation Protection

Workers' Compensation - Is Your Protection Package Adequate? Is your business headquartered in one state, but occasionally conducts business operations in other neighboring states? Operating a business in the Delaware Valley inevitably leads to employees working, living, or traveling in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. One of many unique risks confronting businesses is how workers’ compensation coverage corresponds to multi-jurisdictional law in our region. Let’s start with a common example: ABC Company, solely located in Pennsylvania, occasionally does work in New Jersey. One day, ABC Company has an employee who suffers a serious workplace injury in New Jersey. The maximum amount of workers’...