Protect and Care for Jewelry

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22 Feb

Protect and Care for Jewelry

Have you recently added a precious heirloom or new piece of jewelry to your collection? Whether it’s old or new, be sure to protect your valuables.
Jewelry Care – Protect your Jewelry from Damage

Damage Prevention – Store jewelry items separately in a soft cloth. Your jeweler will often have fabric pouches for this purpose. Do not twist or bend semi-rigid chains as this can cause permanent damage.
• Watch Care – Replace scratched or broken crystals. Even hairline cracks can allow dust and moisture into the mechanism threatening its accuracy. Check clasps periodically.
Diamond Care – Use mild detergent or a sudsy ammonia bath to clean. Never let your diamond touch chlorine bleach as it may pit and discolor the mounting. Have prongs and mountings checked annually. Store diamonds separately – they can scratch other jewelry.
Pearl Care – Restring periodically to prevent strings from becoming stretched, soiled or weakened. Wipe pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing because perfume, cosmetics, hairsprays and oils or chemicals on your skin can erode the quality. Store in soft cloth pouch to prevent scratches.
Gemstone Care – Check prongs and mountings annually. Do not wear outdoors in intense sunlight or under tanning lamps, which can fade the stone. Because each gemstone is different, discuss care and cleaning procedures with your jeweler.
Insuring your Jewelry in Case of Loss

Guard Against Theft – Where is the first place a burglar will look? Obvious places such as your bedroom or jewelry box, of course.
• Consider installing a secure home safe with appropriate jewelry and security ratings.
• When traveling, keep expensive items with you at all times or use the main hotel safe. Don’t wear valuables to the pool or beach or pack in your luggage.
• Keep copies of appraisals and photograph your valuables. Store in safe deposit box or in-home safe.
• Schedule or list your valuable jewelry on your homeowner’s policy. Doing so will ensure those items are covered beyond the standard homeowner’s coverage.
• Itemized coverage may only be a few extra dollars and will give you peace of mind knowing that your valuable jewelry is insured to value.
If you would like to discuss your individual insurance requirements, contact your experienced Arthur Hall Insurance Advisor.